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4 Chandler boys arrested for animal cruelty

CHANDLER — After finding a kitten floating in a pool, a maintenance worker at a mobile home park in Chandler checked surveillance video and found that animal had been thrown over the fence. Workers checked more cameras and called police after they spotted disturbing images on video taken at the playground.

Police Sgt. Joe Favazzo said video shows five boys between the ages of 7 and 12 taunting, kicking and throwing the 2-month old kitten. A sixth boy apparently watched, but didn’t participate.

“When you watch this video, you almost can’t watch it. You want to turn away,” Favazzo said. “The kitten tries to get away several times, but is pursued by six boys that quickly capture this kitten and go back to their cruelty.”

Favazzo said the boys eventually threw the lifeless cat over the fence and into the pool. The 7-year-old is too young to be arrested under Arizona law, but Favazzo said the four other boys were arrested and will face animal cruelty charges in juvenile court.

“This was a little kitten that was repeatedly abused by a group of boys,” the sergeant said. “It starts today with a kitten…at what point does it turn to another child they start abusing? Or at what point, as they grow older, does it turn to adults and people who are becoming victims of this cruelty.”