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Phoenix PD to work with Mexico to improve Hispanic relations

PHOENIX — Phoenix police will soon work with Mexican leaders to try to improve police relations with the Hispanic community.

The Mexican Consulate in Phoenix will host monthly forums in which Phoenix police will speak to Hispanics about how to report and prevent crime, protect their families and learn about police community activities.

Mexican Counsel General Roberto Hernandez said learning these things is important.

“They must be able to call the police in order to report different crimes,” he said. “In that way, they are going to be protecting their families and the society in which they are living.”

Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia said that Arizona’s immigration Law, SB 1070, makes many Hispanics afraid to call the police. He said that has to change.

“We cannot stay stuck on SB 1070. The fact is we have police for everybody, and we have to police various areas of the city.”

The police department will also use the meetings to talk about domestic violence, child abuse and the consequences of driving under the influence.

The consulate did not say when the forums will begin.