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Valley Metro hosting meetings to discuss light rail in Glendale

PHOENIX — Valley Metro is hosting meetings Monday and Tuesday nights to update the public about the possibility of the light rail eventually running into downtown Glendale.

The meetings will focus on the West Phoenix/Central Glendale Transit Cooridor Study. Melissa Quillard with Valley Metro said there are six different possible routes for a light rail extension and they want public input.

“One possible route is on Glendale, there’s one on Northern while another could go down Camelback and then other variations, but all would end in the downtown Glendale area.”

If the one of the options is approved, the light rail would run to 59th Avenue and Glendale. Construction would not begin until 2023 and the trains wouldn’t be rolling until 2026.

“This all depends on identifying a route and finding the funding,” said Quillard. “There’s a lot involved with these projects.”

Running the light rail into downtown Glendale isn’t the only option being considered. Street cars and rapid transit bus service are also being discussed.

Monday’s meeting is being held tom 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Glendale City Council Chambers at 5850 W. Glendale Avenue. Tuesday, the public meeting will be at the Alhambra High School Library from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 3839 W. Camelback Road in Phoenix.

The first 20 miles of light rail opened in 2008. Six extensions are planned or are currently under construction. The system will run 57 miles by 2032.