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Realtor: Sellers not required to give up home’s ghostly past

PHOENIX — When you’re out looking at a pre-owned home to buy, are you more concerned with who lived there before?

Or who died in that home before? Or if that home is haunted?

Realtor Greg Markov with Home Smart said the question comes up from potential buyers about the home’s past and, if it was the scene of a murder or another type of death, Arizona state law said the seller does not have to disclose that information.

“They can’t lie about it but they can choose to take the Fifth and not answer the question,” he said.

That’s not the only thing sellers don’t have to give up. The law also applies to witches and goblins, but not zombies.

There is a website called that searches public records for a fee to see if any crimes or deaths are associated with the home.

“They merely mash up emergency response records so it’s not a for sure thing but maybe,” said Markov. “But the buyer can actually dig this info up on their own. Actually the best thing to do is just talk to neighbors.”