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Phoenix mayor celebrates health during annual Food Day

It was the crunch heard ’round the city, an undoubtedly sweet sound for the Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

Hundreds of people turned out for FitPHX program’s “Apple Crunch” in downtown Phoenix Thursday, in an attempt to set the record for most people biting into a fresh apple at the same time.

The event was part of Food Day, an annual, nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable and sustainably-produced food.

Stanton used the opportunity to encourage people to live and eat healthy, particularly young people.

“It’s very important, not just for their own health and quality of life but for the health of a city,” Stanton said. “We can save a significant amount of money on healthcare costs if we can just get people thinking and acting in a more healthy way,” said Stanton.

This year’s event was held at Cesar Chavez Plaza.