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Woman carries large dog with gunshot wound down mountain

PHOENIX — A 47-pound dog who had been shot is recovering after being carried down a mountain by a Phoenix woman.

Andi Davis was hiking near Dunlap and 20th Street when she found the dog lying on the mountain. He was nearly dead.

Davis carried the dog, now named Elijah, about a half-mile down the mountain and was met by her family.

“When my mom found our new dog on the mountain, my heart broke at the first sight of him,” wrote Davis’ daughter, Jessi. “He was torn up. Everywhere.”

The group then took Elijah to the Arizona Humane Society. He had an open wound on his left side and X-rays revealed a bullet in the middle of his neck and bullet fragments in his shoulders. Veterinarians opted to leave the bullet and fragments in place, as removing the fragments could damage Elijah’s spine or other nerves.

After being treated, Elijah was placed in foster care with Davis’ family to continue his recovery. AHS medical staff will continue to monitor his progress.