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What is Arizona’s most disproportionately consumed Thanksgiving side dish?

PHOENIX — When you think of Thanksgiving food, what do you think of? Probably some of the classics come to mind: Turkey smothered in warm gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, hearty stuffing and…salad?


According to a recent poll from, Arizona — along with 10 other Western states, Alaska and Hawaii — boasts salad as its most disproportionately consumed Thanksgiving side dish.



Other portions of the country have some more traditional Thanksgiving dishes: Cornbread in the South, green beans/casserole in the central northern states, rolls/biscuits in the Midwest, squash in the Northeast and mac n’ cheese in the Southeast.

The poll found 40 percent of residents from central Southern states enjoy their cornbread, compared to 28 percent of the nation. In the Middle Atlantic states, 17 percent of residents would choose cauliflower as a side compared to 9 percent of the nation.

But if there’s one thing the entire country has in common, it’s dessert: The poll found that us Americans love ourselves some classic pumpkin pie.

So if you’re traveling this Thanksgiving, pay attention to the side dishes on the table, they may surprise you.

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