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City of Phoenix to hold recycling festival

PHOENIX — The city of Phoenix will host a festival Saturday to promote recycling.

“We don’t want to fill our landfills, we have to be mindful of our environment,” said Yvette Roeder with the city of Phoenix.

The goal is to allow valley residents to get rid of clutter from their homes and help non-profits like Goodwill and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Books, electronics, car seats, clothes and toys will be accepted. Batteries, plastic bags, office supplies and golf balls will also be accepted. Residents can also bring paperwork for shredding.

CRT monitors and CRT televisions will also be accepted, but carry a small fee for recycling.

Last October, the attendees at the event recycled 2,000 pounds of clothing, books and other household items, as well as 21,467 pounds of electronics and 29,905 pounds of shredded paper.

The “I Recycle Phoenix” event will take place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Desert Ridge Marketplace.

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