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Report: Blue Moon the preferred beer in Arizona

PHOENIX — When Arizonans head to the bar, most of us will reportedly choose a wheat beer.

According to Blowfish, a hangover medication, the top beer in Arizona is Blue Moon, followed by Bud Light and Corona.

As far as cocktails go, Arizona’s top drink is a rum and coke, followed by a margarita and a Long Island iced tea, respectively.

Arizona also earned the title for consuming the most mudslides and strawberry daiquiris.

Overall, Arizona drinks the 32nd-most of all the states, but complains the 17th-most about hangovers. About 19 percent of Arizonans have called in sick after drinking.

The state that drank the most was Maine, followed by Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington, D.C., respectively. The top states complaining of hangovers were Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Utah, Rhode Island and Missouri, respectively.