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Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick statement on shutdown, debt ceiling deal

Editor’s note: This statement from Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick was released Wednesday after the Senate passed a bill that would both end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

It has not been altered in any way.

“I look forward to a bipartisan vote tonight to finally reopen the government and to avert a debt-ceiling default. And while I hope this signals the end of recklessness and the start of responsible leadership, there is reason to be deeply concerned. With just a few months until the next budget and debt-ceiling deadlines, this Congress is flailing from crisis to crisis – with barely a stitch of common sense or concern about the economic damage.

“The shutdown’s direct hit on my Arizona district cost us millions of dollars, with a brief reopening of the Grand Canyon providing the only relief. But District One has 11 other national parks and monuments. They all were closed. We have seven national forests — all were closed. Our 12 Native American tribes lost critical funds for schools, health services and domestic violence resources. Federal workers were stuck at home without paychecks. Veterans and seniors endured weeks of uncertainty about Social Security or disability benefits. All of our communities suffered greatly.

“Ultimately, the ‘leaders’ who planned, plotted and voted to shut down the government achieved nothing — except great harm. As we pick up the pieces and move forward, I repeat my call for leadership over gamesmanship. For bipartisanship over brinksmanship. The American people sent us here to get something done, so let’s get this House in order and get back to work.”


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