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Arizona, federal government talking Grand Canyon reopening

PHOENIX — Arizona’s economy continues to lose millions of dollars in the government shutdown and is now trying to hammer out a deal with the federal government to reopen Grand Canyon National Park.

Preliminary talks are underway between Arizona and the Department of the Interior over the potential reopening of the Grand Canyon using state funds. Earlier Thursday, the federal government said it would allow certain states to reopen national parks.

Andrew Wilder with Gov. Jan Brewer’s office said the state would prefer to see a partial park reopening.

“No offer has been made to the Department of the Interior and no offer has been accepted,” he said. “If the state is going to use taxpayer dollars to pay the government’s bill in this case, we want to make sure those taxpayer dollars go as far as they can.”

Arizona is making it very clear that it wants to be reimbursed by the federal government for the state’s dollars being used at the canyon.

There’s no timetable for a possible reopening. Wilder said a full reopening would cost the state $100,000 per day. A partial reopening would cost $30,000 daily.

Coconino County, home to the Grand Canyon, said it supports Arizona’s effort to reopen the park.