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New hope for those battling post-menopausal breast cancer

PHOENIX – A new study from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
gives hope to post-menopausal women battling invasive breast cancer.

Findings from a study involving thousands of post-menopausal women suggest that women who develop invasive breast cancer may benefit from taking supplements containing both multivitamins and minerals.

The new research, published in “Breast Cancer Research and Treatment,” suggests the risk of dying from invasive breast cancer was 30 percent lower among multivitamin and mineral users, compared with nonusers.

“Our body needs the multivitamins and minerals for anti-oxidants and phytochemicals. They help build healthy cells, eliminate toxins [and] help prevent cancer,” said Lee Renda, Oncology Dietician for the University of Cancer Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “Anti-oxidants and phytochemicals are in fruits and vegetables, but they are also in multivitamins and minerals,” said Renda.

Renda says patients should look for a multivitamin that has 100 percent of the daily allowance or 100 percent of the daily values.