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Be aware of Halloween attractions with no city permit

PHOENIX – Halloween is supposed to be spooky and fun, but accidents can cast a spell on the holiday.

The Phoenix Fire Department is warning parents that sending their children to “pop-up” Halloween attractions that do not have city permits is risky.

“It’s just like sending your kid into a stranger’s house or dilapidated building,” said Phoenix Fire Captain Tony Mure. “There’s always that risk.”

Some of the guidelines required by the Phoenix Fire Department for an attraction to get a permit include the use of a sprinkler system and a fire alarm with a voice-activated evacuation system.

Below are three haunted house attractions in the Phoenix metro area that have passed safety inspections and acquired a permit:

13th Floor, 2814 W. Bell Rd.

Fear Farm, 2209 N. 99th Avenue

Jack & Jill’s Haunted Hill, 4907 W. Bell Road