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AZDHS: 11 people sickened from salmonella outbreak

PHOENIX — More than 10 people in Arizona have been sickened as a result of a salmonella outbreak at Foster Farms, the Arizona Department of Health said Tuesday.

“Our cases have had onset since the beginning of March through about Sept. 14.,” said Infections Diseases Epidemiology Program Manager Joli Weiss.

In total, 11 Arizonans were sickened as a result of the outbreak. Seven of the affected required hospitalization.

“For the most part, the folks have had symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache,” said Weiss.

Of the infected, seven were in Maricopa County, two were in Pima County, one was in Pinal County and one was in Coconino County.

The victims included a child as young as 1 and a person aged 84 years.

“The positive thing here is that it is really preventable,” said Weiss. “Chicken products we know can contain salmonella, so really one of the best preventative measures is to cook your chicken thoroughly.”

Weiss said consumers should be sure to cook their chicken to at least 165 degrees, the temperature that kills salmonella.