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Storm to bring cooler temperatures to Valley

PHOENIX — Arizona is in for a big cool down alter this week when a powerful Canadian storm blows into the state.

The storm is expected to arrive Thursday. Flagstaff could see its first snowfall of the year while the Valley will see a high of only 75 or less and a slight chance of rain.

Hector Vasquez with the National Weather Service said this is a very cold storm coming right out of western Canada in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

“We were hoping it would swing offshore and pick up more Pacific Ocean moisture but it is staying inland across California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and finally hits Arizona Thursday morning,” he said. “Our precipitation won’t be as heavy and it will mostly be in the Flagstaff region where snow levels could drop to 6,500 to 7,000 feet.”

Vasquez said the real issue with this storm will be strong winds with gusts of 55 miles per hour in the high country, and 40 mph in the Valley beginning Wednesday.

“It hasn’t rained in sometime so we can expect blowing dust and drivers can expect visibilities of a mile or less.”

Vasquez said the Interstate 10 corridor between the Valley and Casa Grande is one of the areas of concern for blowing dust.