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Phoenix task force unveils 5-year plan for ‘creative sector’

PHOENIX — When you think of arts and culture, you probably think of museums, symphonies and plays. But, the City of Phoenix Creative Sector Task Force wants to broaden that thinking.

As part of its five-year vision to be presented to council members Tuesday, the task force’s report points out two areas for special attention.

The first revolves around the definition of the “creative sector”: It’s not just musicians and artists, but also chefs, writers, architects and any person or business that contributes to a rich cultural environment.

Carla Logan, owner of Carly’s Bistro in downtown Phoenix, would counted as part of the creative sector. Her restaurant features local artists and musicians.

“When it’s accessible to people in restaurants, coffee shops and on the street, then I think people have an opportunity to experience and enjoy the arts without feeling like they need to go to a museum or that they have to a more formal art experience,” Logan said.

The other key area of attention in the report is the call for community involvement. The task force wants to see regular forums to explore public concerns and interest in arts and culture. It also wants to see a new body of experts emerge.

The 2013-2018 Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Vision Plan includes six overarching goals:

• Expand, strengthen and stabilize funding for the arts, culture and creative sector by identifying and developing secure and diversified revenue streams.

• Promote Phoenix’s arts, culture and the creative economy locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

• Ensure Phoenix residents of all ages experience high quality arts and cultural opportunities at school and through public programming throughout the city.

• Establish a framework and system to foster public dialogue and elicit community input regarding the city’s vision for arts, culture and the creative sector.

• Restructure and strengthen the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission to ensure delivery of the 2013-2018 Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Vision Plan.

• Develop and implement a sustainable practice model for the arts, culture and creative economy.