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Report: Phoenix student forced to strip, parents not told

PHOENIX — A Valley eighth-grader was reportedly asked to strip down so school officials could check for drugs.

But according to, neither the boy’s parents nor the on-duty campus resource officer at Osborn Middle School were notified of the search.

“Supposedly drugs were involved but I never got a phone call. At all, period. I wasn’t notified whatsoever from the school,” [Daniel] Thompson said.

Thompson also alleged that the teacher who sent his son to the principal’s office has had issues with his son all year. The teacher claimed Thompson’s son smelled of marijuana.

The boy was searched by both the female principal and assistant principal of the school in a closed room. The student said the administrators removed his shirt and shorts, but the school district denied the boy was asked to remove his shirt.

Thompson said the school has not apologized nor recognized wrongdoing. The school district has been in contact with the family to determine what actions should be taken.

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