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Governor’s Office: State not allowed to fund Canyon reopening

PHOENIX — Andrew Wilder with the governor’s office says it has looked into all options to reopen the Grand Canyon National Park and legally, it cannot be done.

The state looked at one option to see if the Arizona State Parks Department could loan or give the feds the dollars.

“We were informed by the Arizona Attorney General that we don’t have the legal authority to use monies for that purpose without authorization from the legislature,” Wilder said.

They have also been told by the Grand Canyon superintendent that the park will not accept money from the state or any other group to reopen the canyon.

“Third party money from the state or outside groups pooling together money can’t give the federal government money to fund park operations,” explained Wilder. “It won’t be accepted.”

Wilder says Gov. Brewer shares in the sentiment of wanting to see the park reopened.