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WIC Program has enough funds for month of October

PHOENIX — The government shutdown brought the Women, Infants and Children Program to a halt, but the Arizona Department of Health Services says they have the funds to carry moms and kids through the month.

Yvette Cook of Avondale is among an estimated 80,000 moms and children under five in Arizona who rely on WIC for clinics, food, infant formula and other necessities. She says she usually gets 3 months of supplies from WIC, but not this week.

“I went in earlier this week and was given a month of supplies and told to call back at the end of the month to see if they have the budget for the rest of the year,” said Cook.

She stopped by St. Mary’s Food Bank yesterday for food and said it is not easy making ends meet with two young children and only a part-time job.

“For now, I’m just trying to hang in there and hoping for good news,” Cook said.