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Group protests government shutdown in downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX — It was high noon today when approximately one dozen protesters took to the streets outside the Social Security Office in downtown Phoenix.

“We’re against the shutdown of the government, and we want to see it reopened as fast as possible,” said John Curran, a team leader for the group “Organizing for Action.”

He blames Republicans for the shutdown.

“If you read the polls, the polls say that the Republicans are the most to blame,” Curran explained. “They had the best path not to go down this road.”

Volunteer Lib Barry thinks some politicians are happy about the shutdown.

“They seem quite giddy. When we see them on TV, they look very happy. They give a thumbs up,” said Barry. “There doesn’t seem to be a lot of concern from some of these people about what’s happening to the people of our country as a result of this.”

Volunteer Jessica James says the shutdown may ruin the start of her friend’s marriage.

“I have a girlfriend who was supposed to be getting married in the Grand Canyon this weekend, and it’s not happening because it’s closed,” James said. “She has people flying in from all over the country to come be a part of her wedding. She’s freaking out.”

The protesters call the shutdown “reckless” and say Americans expect more from their elected officials.

Curran had this advice for the politicians in Washington.

“Get over the partisanship, and get over the bickering,” he said. “Let’s get on with the business of the country, which is jobs and the economy.”