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Gov. Jan Brewer warns of shutdown-related problems

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said the state could be in for big problems if the shutdown of the federal government continues.

Brewer said Tuesday the shutdown would affect a lot of things in Arizona.

“We’re probably going to have some impact with our National Guard employees to the tune of about 1,400,” she said. “We’ve got concerns over at DES in regards to the WIC program. We’ve have issues with food for the elderly.”

Brewer wants those in Congress who are against Obamacare to look past that issue for the time being.

“The direction in which Obamacare is going is carved in stone,” she said. “I believe they need to get us a budget or a continuing resolution. We need to get America, the United States, back on track.

“I believe that Congress — on both sides of the aisle — and the president, ought to step up and resolve this issue immediately,” said Brewer.

When she was asked who she thinks is at fault for the shutdown, Brewer blamed everyone.

“I think it’s all of their faults. They’re all responsible.”

Brewer said the current crisis won’t impact Arizona’s Medicaid plan because the funding is already in place.

As for the future of the Affordable Care Act, Brewer said “I do not support Obama healthcare. I never have. I believe it will probably fall under its’ own weight.”