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Temp workers improve chances of permanent job with good work ethic

PHOENIX — With hiring underway at department stores for the holiday season, many people go into a seasonal position hoping it turns into something more permanent.

Patrick Battillo helps with retail hiring in the Valley. He said the best thing someone can do to be considered for a permanent position is to have a good attitude.

“Make sure you’re going in every day upbeat and ready to go. Whatever department or team you’re working on, ensure you’re reliable,” Battillo said. “So you’re going to be there when you’re supposed to be, and be early. Stay and work as hard as you need to, and be open.”

He said if you do get offered a part-time position, even if it’s just as a cashier or someone who collects carts, there are plenty of chances to move up.

“I’ve seen huge success stories. I’ve had district leaders and group leaders who started as a seasonal team member,” Battillo said. “The opportunity is there. Once you’re brought on as a full-time team member it’s the same opportunity anyone else would be extended to.”

He said like most industries, retail companies prefer to promote from within, so those who stand out will be considered first.

“If there are positions available, you can bet we’re going to look to staff those needs come the end of the seasonal period with any talent that we’ve offered a seasonal position to,” Battillo said.

He said just because someone was let go after the end of the holiday season, that doesn’t mean a company won’t need them in the future. Battillo said to make sure to apply again, and to check other store locations for openings. Many stores prefer to bring in someone who already knows the business.