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Termites pose threat to Valley houses after recent monsoons

PHOENIX — If it’s been more than a month since you walked the perimeter of your home looking for termites, you should do that sooner rather than later, according to one Valley expert.

“When there is a lot of moisture, the water table rises. Termites are 15-to-25 feet underground, so as the water table rises, it creates a lot of termite activity,” said Gilbert Ochoa, owner of Select Pest Control.

Recent monsoons in the area have stirred up colonies, and all the termites need is an opportunity the size of a pinhole to get in and wreak havoc on your house.

Ochoa said his clients who have had the most severe damage caused by these insects are those who’ve neglected to look for telltale traces, such as mud tubes, of the pest.

“They think it’s not going to cause a lot of damage, but in fact, they cause more damage every year than tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes combined,” Ochoa said.