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Valley high school creates ‘The Fox’ parody

There’s things that shouldn’t be posted online and some that are tailor-made for the Internet.

I can’t decide which category this video falls in.

The students over at Brophy High School in Phoenix decided a good way to promote their upcoming game against Red Mountain High School would be to create a parody of Ylvis’ “The Fox.”

In case your unaware of the original, you can click here to watch it. It’s European. It’s weird. And it’s wicked catchy. I’m warning you, it will stick in your head.

The outcome of Brophy’s video was…interesting. Rhyming isn’t their specialty, but I’ll give it to them for effort. I think.

I’ll let you judge the video for yourself. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

The Bronco from Brophy College Preparatory on Vimeo.