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Police pursue vehicle across Phoenix, shoot, arrest driver

Local authorities chased a truck across the West Valley on Friday, ending with one person in custody.

Officers from Phoenix Police and the Arizona Department of Public Safety began the chase, a possible vehicle theft, near the Arizona Capitol to Broadway Road and around 234th Avenue in Buckeye.

Along the way at least a half-dozen vehicles were hit by the truck as it sped westbound on Interstate 10, according to news reports.

Officers fired several times when the truck made a U-turn. A bullet penetrated the windshield but the driver kept going. At one point, the driver steered the truck into a police SUV.

The chase ended on County Road 85 and Broadway. As the truck slowed, officers on foot caught up to it, opened the passenger door and pulled out the suspect. Another officer opened the driver side door and put the truck in park.

He was injured and combative, but eventually taken by ambulance to a hospital.