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Paradise Valley neighborhood continuing fight against coyotes

PHOENIX — Residents of a Paradise Valley neighborhood are continuing to attempt to fight off a pack of coyotes that some people say is at least 12 strong.

“When I was inspecting I saw of bunch of them just hanging out,” said Joe DeWolf, owner of LoneWolf Wildlife and Pest Specialist. “Usually you see two or three of them together, but to see that many is unusual to me.”

The pack is accused of killing pets and leaving animal carcasses on people’s property near the area of 52nd Street and Shea. They can also carry diseases.

“We don’t kill them after we trap them,” said DeWolf. “Game and Fish tells us the best place to leave them and that’s where they go.”

His company has already captured one of the coyotes.

DeWolf said his company can charge several hundred dollars, but if residents are having difficulty finding funds to have an expert come out, he will negotiate.