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Scorching summer likely to set Phoenix heat record

PHOENIX — There are still a few days left before fall arrives but the National Weather Service said metro Phoenix had a record-breaking summer.

June through August was the hottest three-month run on record. Marvin Percha with the National Weather Service said the average nighttime low in June, July and August was 84 degrees while the average daytime high was 106. The average of 95 degrees is two degrees above the norm.

“Looks like we’re on the way to being the warmest summer on record, mainly because of the warm overnight lows,” Percha said. “The increasing heat island (asphalt and concrete) as the city continues to grow is really keeping our nighttime temperatures up.”

Previously the hottest summer in the Valley was in 2007 at 94.9 degrees.

The hottest day was June 29 at 119. The record of 122 was set June 26, 1990.