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Arizona wines catching plenty of eyes, palates

PHOENIX — Arizona winemakers are giving their Northern California counterparts a run for their money.

The three growing regions in the state continue to get national and international acclaim, despite the fact that the industry here is still in its infancy.

“Every time we have an event, every time we introduce our wines to new wines enthusiasts, they are immediately converted, they fall in love with Arizona wines,” said Executive Director of the Arizona Wine Growers’ Association Patricia King.

The three growing regions include the Verde Valley, Sonoita-Elgin and Wilcox.

“Excellent wines coming out of all three growing regions,” said King.

A combination of soil, climate and passion for the trade sets Arizona apart. King said the wines produced in Arizona cannot be compared to wines from Northern California, instead the product is more comparable to wines produced in the Rhône region in southern France.