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Book causes stir at Sierra Vista high school

PHOENIX — A critically acclaimed novel has created quite the stir in Sierra Vista.

“Dreaming in Cuban,” written by Christina Garcia, was adopted as part of the Buena High School tenth grade curriculum. However, no one on staff read the book before a new teacher assigned her class to read it aloud in class.

The problem started on page eighty of the book. The passage reads “Hugo and Felicia stripped in their room, dissolving easily into each other and made love against the whitewashed walls.”

It became much more erotic and descriptive after that.

“Yes, it was read out loud,” said Sarah Pacheco, district spokeswoman. “There was definitely some awkwardness.”

One parent filed a complaint with the district prompting district leaders from issuing a public apology to the parent and the community.

Meanwhile, the book has been pulled until a committee can determine if it has any educational value.