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ASU President Michael Crow addresses jump in fraternity problems, arrests

PHOENIX — Arizona State President Michael Crow sent a letter emailed to students Monday addressing a recent surge in bad fraternity-related publicity and an unrelated surge in arrests near campus.

One ASU fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was ranked the most out-of-control fraternity in the country by Rolling Stone. Jack Culolias, a 19-year-old member, was found dead after a fraternity function where he was served alcohol. He was kicked out of the bar and wasn’t seen alive again. Another 19-year-old member was left at a Tempe emergency room after consuming at least 20 shots of tequila.

ASU no longer recognizes the chapter.

“The university also takes swift action in instances of student misconduct involving individuals or organizations,” Crow said in the email. “The recent incidents involving fraternities have resulted in groups being banned from the university or placed on probation. Individuals involved in serious cases of misbehavior have been dismissed. ”

As part of the fraternity crackdown, ASU now requires both fraternities and sororities to register all events, both on- and off-campus. Greek members are also being pushed into leadership roles for a broadened alcohol awareness program.

In addition to the issue with fraternities, ASU is also working to shed its party school images. It is working with the city of Tempe and police in a campaign around campus to prohibit excessive drinking and other dangerous activities.

Over 1,700 people have been arrested as part of the campaign so far.