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Healthcare providers meet to discuss exchanges

PHOENIX — With the Oct. 1 start date for health insurance exchanges just around the corner, hospitals and healthcare providers have a lot of questions about the Affordable Care Act.

They met to talk about those questions Thursday at a seminar in Phoenix and there was a lot of anxiety over the health exchanges.

‘We’re not entirely sure how this insurance model is going to change,” said President of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association Greg Vigdor. “They’re really looking to figure out what it is they do. That makes for great certainty, chaos and fear.”

The most common question that providers had concerned their approach to working with customers in the future.

“Primarily because there’s great uncertainty, as complicated as consumers are finding what’s getting rolled out in terms of the Affordable Care Act, it’s actually much more complicated in terms of what providers are facing as far as how to serve them best going forward.”

Vigdor was said that the answer is different for every healthcare provider of them.

“It’s really based upon your circumstances right now and a lot of complicated questions you’re going to have to ask yourself,” he said.

Vigdor said that everyone is talking about the changes that will take place on Oct. 1. He said that, in reality, things will change slowly for healthcare because of the Affordable Care Act and it will take several years to complete the change.