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Border Patrol organization: 11 million illegal immigrants ‘gross underestimate’

In an open letter released last Saturday, the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) made an alarming claim: That there are nearly twice as many illegal immigrants residing in the United States as has been previously projected.

The current estimate is approximately 11 million undocumented persons, but based on data dating back to the 1986 amnesty, the NAFBPO allege that number is in the 18-20 million range, and increasing every day.

In the 1986 amnesty, the original projection of illegal immigrants was under one million. As amnesty was implemented, however, there were nearly 3 million.

In the letter, the NAFBPO asserts that “empirical data collected during processing of 2.7 million persons during the last amnesty established that for every alien estimated to be eligible for amnesty three will actually benefit.”

The NAFBPO says the more serious problem with Congress contemplating another amnesty is that the country’s infrastructure cannot withstand a sudden influx of over 30 million new citizens.

The organization even went so far as to compare declaring another amnesty to “import[ing] or legaliz[ing] criminals.”

“Congress continues to refuse to demand aggressive enforcement of existing Immigration laws while passing more to mollify America,” the letter states. “The promise to the American public in 1986 was a lie.”