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Valley Realtor guaranteeing jobs for veterans

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. — A Valley Realtor wants to help American servicemen and women and he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

Restarting your life after serving overseas can be an ordeal.

“It’s difficult, coming back from a wartime situation, to adjust to civilian life and get a job,” said Richard Cox, owner of Sunrise Estate and Luxury Realty.

Richard and his wife, Candy, want to help those returning from overseas. Candy’s father served in the military and many of their friends have family serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Richard is making an offer to veterans and military members, or any member of their family.

“Our initial push is to fund the entire cost for a military person or a member of their family to become a real estate agent,” said Cox. “That costs about $2,000 in Arizona.”

That includes tuition at a real estate school.

Though he’s making the offer to any military person, he said that there are two scholarships available right now.

Randy guarantees veterans a job with his company. Candy said they will pay the tuition even if you choose to work for someone else.

Randy said his offer eventually will not be limited to real estate.

“Our plans are, as we expand this, to be able to include the funding to cover the costs for schools in insurance and insurance training as well.”

Richard and Candy have also started a non-profit group called the Warrior Fund, which helps returning veterans.