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Suspect in Scottsdale woman’s assault taken into custody

PHOENIX — Scottsdale Police detectives have arrested a man suspected in the brutal sexual assault of a woman in her Scottsdale apartment just a few days after the alleged attack.

Daryl Donovan Cole Jr., 23, was arrested Monday night in Tempe.

“When the suspect was arrested, we were able to get a buckle swab from him that gave us a known sample that we were able to match up to the crime scene and the victim,” said Scottsdale Police Sgt. Mark Clark.

“Through having our own crime lab, we were able to leverage our resources to work around the clock since this case started and get this predator off the streets before he could victimize anyone else,” he said.

Cole had submitted DNA during a previous arrest for aggravated robbery. Crime lab technicians were able to match the DNA and forensic evidence to the information provided on CODIS, a DNA database.

Police say a young woman had returned home early Saturday night and the suspect followed her inside. She screamed for help and fought the alleged intruder, but he overpowered her and repeatedly assaulted her.

Currently, Cole is behind bars facing multiple charges including sexual assault and kidnapping.