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ADOT MDV offers two new veteran services

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation along with the Motor Vehicle Division is excited to announce two new services for Arizona veterans that will begin Sept. 16.

Veterans will have the option to have a designation on their Arizona-issued driver license, commercial driver license, identification card or instruction permit denoting their military service. In addition, veterans applying for an Arizona commercial driver license will have the option to request a waiver of the skills test if they meet certain requirements, according to a press release.

“It’s a way of commemorating and also honoring those that have served our country,” ADOT spokesman Harold Sanders said.

Veterans will still have to take the written exam to obtain a commercial driver’s license. However, it saves them the hassle of having to take a commercial vehicle to an MVD office to take the road test.

More information about getting the credential of “Veteran” placed on an Arizona license or identification card can be found by clicking here. In order to research or begin the process of applying for a commercial driver license skill test waiver, click here.