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Valley residents protest against bombing Syria

PHOENIX – About 20 people gathered Monday night outside U.S. Representative Ed Pastor’s downtown Phoenix office to ask the congressman to vote against bombing Syria.

Organizer Mitch Rubin said he was happy with the turnout and that the event was one of hundreds across the country on a national day of action.

“Many people think that sometimes, yes, you need to use military might but that should be a last resort,” Rubin said.

He believes more investigating needs to be done before military action is taken against Syria.

Protestors chanted, “Don’t bomb Syria” and held signs in the 400 block of Central Avenue. Participants acknowledged that there is tragedy happening in Syria but that contributing to the major civil war in Syria won’t help solve any issues.

“Let’s try peace negotiations first before we escalate it by bringing war weapons,” Rubin said. He also says Americans should be helping Syria refugees.