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Poll: Arizona ranks high as place to live, and not live

PHOENIX — A new Harris interactive poll reported that Arizona ranks high on the list of places where people want to live and also ranks high as a place that people do not want to call home.

According to the poll, Arizona is seventh on the list of states that Americans would like to live. By contrast, the poll put Arizona 10th on the list of places where Americans don’t want to live.

“These are opinions. You really need to look at the facts,” said Barry Broome, who runs the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

“People are still moving here,” he said, adding that in the past three years more than 100 companies have moved into the state.

“I don’t see anything that suggests we won’t be a top- destination state for people, for industry and talent.”

Broome estimated 800,000 people will move into Arizona in the next decade.

The poll of 2,200 Americans found that California is the state that most Americans either want to live or skip completely.