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Travel expert: Paris is back open for business

Tourists pose for a selfie while a French soldier patrols at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Monday, Nov. 16, 2015. France is urging its European partners to move swiftly to boost intelligence sharing, fight arms trafficking and terror financing, and strengthen border security in the wake of the Paris attacks. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

PHOENIX — Businesses in Paris want travelers to know they are open again.

Cultural sites around France are beginning to reopen after the devastating terrorist attacks that left well over 100 people dead including some tourists.

KTAR travel expert Kari Mollan said the attacks should not keep travelers from taking a vacation to the country.

“The way you can show your support and don’t let the terrorists win is to keep going back to where you wanted to go to,” Mollan said.

For those currently considering traveling to Paris, Mollan said they may want to consider planning a trip sooner than later.

“They want your business, they want you to feel comfortable and secure, and the first thing you would want to do if planning a trip to Paris or if you already have something planned is to go ahead and let the State Department know you are travelling,” she said.

According to Mollan, there is nothing to be concerned about when travelling to France if all travel safety guidelines are followed.

“They are doing the same business today that they were a week ago just a little bit obviously more cautious and a calmness about the environment because of what is going on over there,” she said

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