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Did Mitt Romney accurately predict everything?

From Russia to Mali to Detroit, Romney’s biggest fans say they’ve been vindicated.

Ten months after Mitt Romney was defeated in the 2012 presidential election against President Obama, Republicans are noting how Romney's warnings during his campaign have come to pass.

“I think about the campaign every single day, and what a shame it is who we have in the White House,” Spencer Zwick, who worked as Romney’s finance director and is a close friend to his family, told Buzzfeed.

“I look at things happening and I say, you know what? Mitt was actually right when he talked about Russia, and he was actually right when he talked about how hard it was going to be to implement Obamacare, and he was actually right when he talked about the economy. I think there are a lot of everyday Americans who are now feeling the effects of what [Romney] said was going to happen, unfortunately.”

It is common for Americans to dwell on past campaigns after a candidate loses. Democrats have argued that America could have avoided two Middle East wars and steered clear of the housing crisis if Al Gore had won the 2000 presidential race.

However, a series of White House controversies and international crises this year — including a Syrian civil war that is threatening to pull the American military into the mix — has caused Romney’s fans to erupt into a chorus of told-you-so's at record pace.

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