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Arizona congressman: John Boehner not my boss

PHOENIX — One Arizona congressman is refusing to answer House Speaker John Boehner’s call for Republicans to support military action in Syria.

“He’s not my boss,” said Rep. Paul Gosar. “He orchestrates the House and prevails over the House but he said he will let us use our own opinions on Syria. I’m my own free-wheeling guy looking out for what’s best for Arizona and the United States.”

Based on the information Gosar has at his disposal, he’s still against strike on Syria and there’s nothing Boehner can do to change that.

He called Syria a tinderbox.

“You have the Arab Spring that keeps rolling. It’s turbulent; sectarian violence not unique to Syria but across the Middle East. It is very complex as to who is backing who. Iran is among a number of unstable governments in this area.”

Gosar said he wants all of the facts and he’s not convinced that the Assad regime is responsible for using chemical weapons. Gosar said, based on some reports, that it may have been rebels who used the weapons by mishandling them.