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Arizona political experts see Paris attacks playing into presidential race to varying degrees

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — One Valley political analyst said the recent attacks by ISIS in Paris have already become a factor in the 2016 presidential race while another said that might not be the case by election time.

“This election will be impacted dramatically by terror activity offshore,” analyst Stan Barnes said. “It will equal the economic drivers in U.S. politics. The attacks in Paris play into the hands of Republicans, who are viewed as stronger on foreign policy than the Democratic field.”

KTAR political expert Mike O’Neil said Hillary Clinton has more foreign policy credentials than any of the other candidates.

“Donald Trump has taken the tough guy stance and short term that’s always very effective. However, he’s not a credible steward of foreign policy,” O’Neil said.

“But all of the Republican candidates are pretty light in that area. They will scurry to convince voters that their views and credentials are stronger in this area.”

Barnes said Republican rhetoric was “pointed and action-oriented and it’s not politically correct. Even the so-called moderate Republican candidates like Lindsey Graham say we’ve got to get in there and do something because (acts of terror are) coming to the United States.

“The Democrats still seem concerned about offending someone and Hillary still has to deal with the hangover of Benghazi.”

O’Neil said the long-term impact of the attacks was unclear.

“The election is a year out. Any voting (Iowa & New Hampshire) is two months out. It all depends on what happens in between. If there’s more attacks then that becomes even larger. If there are no further attacks then maybe the issue subsides back to where it was.”

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