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Sen. Jeff Flake voted U.S. Capitol’s most beautiful

When it comes to turning heads, there must be something about that Arizona sun.

According to Washington, D.C. newspaper The Hill, Arizona’s own Sen. Jeff Flake is the most beautiful person on Capitol Hill.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is a walking advertisement for the benefits of healthy living.

And it’s not because of those infamous shirtless photos that showed off his chiseled physique during his 2009 desert island adventure.

It’s because the lawmaker hit the milestone age of 50 shortly before he joined the Senate, and he doesn’t look anywhere close to that age.

The Hill went on to say that Flake, who hails from Snowflake, Ariz., doesn’t drink coffee, tea or alcohol and has stayed away from tobacco. His two biggest vices? Diet Coke and ice cream.

Another reason Flake was named most beautiful is his desire to get away from it all, such as when he and two of his sons lived on an island in the north Pacific Ocean for a week with minimal supplies.

Some of the others named to the list were Kriby Bumpus, an employee of the Department of Health and Human Services, White House Chef Sam Kass and Sara Zou, a production assistant at C-SPAN.