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Senator John McCain issues statement following passing of Colonel George Day

PHOENIX — Sunday, retired Col. George ‘Bud’ Day passed away at the age of 88 in Miami.

Day, who was one of the nation’s highly decorated servicemen since Gen. Douglas McCarthur, was a POW in Vietnam and shared a cell with Arizona senator John McCain.

After receiving news of Day’s passing, McCain released the following statement:

“Today brings the sad news that my dear friend and comrade, Colonel George E. ‘Bud’ Day, USAF (Ret.) has passed away. I owe my life to Bud, and much of what I know about character and patriotism. He was the bravest man I ever knew, and his fierce resistance and resolute leadership set the example for us in prison of how to return home with honor. I will have much more to say about Bud’s courage, kindness and sense of honor and duty this week. For now, I want to draw Americans’ attention to the passing of this good man and great patriot, and to extend my deepest, most heartfelt condolences to Bud’s wife, Dorie and his children. I will miss him terribly.”