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Two Arizona-based wines receive ‘outstanding’ ranking

Arizona is not a state known for its fine wines, but according to Yahoo! Finance that reputation might have changed thanks to two homegrown products.

For the first time ever, two Arizona-based wines were given 90-point scores by popular lifestyle magazine Wine Spectator.

The wines, a 2010 Colibri Syrah, Clone 174 and a 2010 Burning Tree Cellars Colibri Syrah, Clone 99, earned an “outstanding” rating by the magazine’s senior editor James Molsworth during a blind tasting.

[Molsworth] called the Page Springs Cellars Syrah “Sleek and pure, fresh and driven overall” and said “Ripe, sleek and focused, with a well-embedded acidity” of the Burning Tree Syrah.

Both of the 90-point Arizona wines were made from grapes grown on the Colibri Vineyard in southern Arizona and blended, bottled and cellared at Page Springs Cellars in Cornville, Arizona.

“We’ve been dealt our share of challenges as winegrowers in Arizona — both in the uncharacteristically unique trials of the land and climate, to overcoming and winning over perceptions of Arizona as a winemaking region at all,” Page Springs Cellars owner Eric Glomski said in a press release. “We’re so proud of the wine industry here in Arizona, and are more than thrilled to be producing the caliber of wines that we always knew was possible.

“These scores came as a result of a lot of hard work from a lot of people, but ultimately this is a triumph for Arizona.”

According to Page Springs Cellars’ press release, while the award-winning wines are currently sold out, pre-orders of both syrahs will be available online for $50 per bottle.