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Sierra Vista teens become published authors

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. — Many American teenagers are busy with school, sports, checking out Facebook or other activities.

But two Sierra Vista teenagers are already well on their way to possible careers. They are already published authors!

When 15-year-old Wilson Hickman and his 14-year-old sister Kesmine were younger, their family would read together every evening. It continued even after the two kids started school.

But they decided they wanted their own endings to the books.

“We would actually take the story and tweak it or right our own endings that came from characters that another person had created,” Wilson said.

Then they decided they wanted to write some books of their own.

“We drew inspiration from our dogs, Luna, Luke, Leia and Leo, and created detective characters out of them, since our favorite stories are really mystery stories,” Kesmine said. “We created two separate series, “The Adventures of Detective Luke” and “Luna: Puppy Detective.”

With their parents help, they were able to find a publisher that gave them complete marketing of their books, which are now available on Amazon.

You can also buy them on the two kids’ websites: Wilson Hickman and Kesmine Hickman.