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Yarnell residents: We will rebuild, it’s home

YARNELL, Ariz. — More than 100 homes in Yarnell were destroyed almost one month ago and residents continue the painful process of cleaning up the damage.

Glen Ilah is a subdivision of Yarnell. It’s where three out of four homes were lost.

Chuck Roberts lost his house and barn. He plans to rebuild, but he’s not sure when. He has a place to stay until his new home is up.

“We still have the insurance people coming and taking a look,” Roberts said. “I’m in no hurry and my neighbors need help far more than I do.”

He said most of his neighbors plan to rebuild, but not all.

“The next day some people were heading for California and Oregon and said, ‘We don’t own insurance, my home is gone, I have nothing to come back to.'”

Just a few doors down from his home, a house was burned to its foundation. Only the chimney remains standing. The glass windows had melted from the heat of the wildfire.

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