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Carefree tea room welcomes royal baby

PHOENIX — A tea room in Carefree, Ariz., marked the birth of the newest addition to the British royal family on Monday.

“We were hoping it would be today,” said Jo Gemmill with the English Rose Tea Room. “As soon as we got the announcement, we made a big announcement in the English Rose Tea Room and everybody toasted with champagne and we had a big three cheers for the future king of England.”

Gemmill said that she was one of the first people on this side of the pond to find out that Kate Middleton was in labor. Her mother sent her a text message to let her know the baby was on his way.

Gemmill said the tea room would be marking the birth of the baby all week.

“We’re certainly celebrating the royal baby for the rest of this week and we’re looking forward to being able to toast the baby with cups of tea, special cucumber sandwiches and scones and all the traditional foods that we would expect for a royal baby’s arrival,” she said.

No name has been announced for the baby.