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Hungover? Phoenix doctor relieves symptoms with IV treatment

PHOENIX – That aching headache, the nauseated stomach and the feeling that makes you crawl right back to bed after a heavy night of drinking is no match for a Valley doctor who says he can relieve the symptoms in less than an hour.

According to the College Times, Dr. Jordan Hoffman, a doctor in Naturophatic Medicine said that he can cure the symptoms of a hangover by using micronutrients which are supplied intravenously to the patient.

“It’s great for someone who has to go to work the next day or get work done. I’ve worked with some of the students from my medical school when they had exams coming up and they needed to refresh and get into the study mode,” he says. “It helps to provide more of a mental focus and a sustained source of energy while relieving the common symptoms of an upset stomach or headache.”

But the IV theraphy is not for everyone.

Those with kidney or liver problems might not make the cut, but you might have a healthy liver if you drank the night before and didn’t wind up in the ER.

Dr. Hoffman said that this treatment is only able to help out mild to moderate hangovers, and adviases that a person should probably stay at home and rest until the symptoms disappear.