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First there were ‘cronuts,’ now there are ‘frozen s’mores’

FLAVORTOWN — There are the simple pleasures in life: Biting into a crisp apple, lying next to a loved one, seeing the perfect sunset. And then there are those other pleasures, the ones that only trendy Manhattanites with some extra fliff can afford to enjoy.

Thus was invented the “Frozen S'More,” a $7 torched-to-order square of sugary flavor that comes on a stick made of wood smoked in another kind of wood (seriously). It has everyone within walking distance of the Dominique Ansel bakery in SoHo running taste of Ansel's latest decadent treat.

Ansel has become the darling of the desert world after inventing the “cronut,” a deep-fried, unholy union between croissant and doughnut. It took Manhattan by storm and sold out before 9 a.m. every day. He has apparently done it again, less than two months after his previous sucess.

A Frozen S'more is made of a special marshmallow that uses honey for some of the sugar, giving it a sheen and a more delicate flavor. Then, Ansel takes vanilla ice cream coated in chocholate wafers, shove it all up in that marshmallow, and freeze it overnight. And this is no ordinary iced cream, because that would not be nearly good enough. It's based on a special, stretchy and chewy Turkish ice cream called dondurma.

The whole treat is then torched when you order it, and must be eaten in just a few moments. It's served on a willow branch that has been smoked in apple wood on-site in order to simulate the smoke aroma of a camp fire.

“You can't taste it, but you can smell it. It reminds me of campfires when you toast marshmallows,” Ansel told the Daily Mail. “The Frozen S'mores are different, I wanted to give people a unique and special experience.”

Certainly special, if perhaps a little decadent. Nevertheless, the frozen concoction has been wildly popular, selling out by about 1 p.m., according to Fox News.

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