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Peoria PD joins program to locate wandering patients

PHOENIX — The Peoria Police Department announced Wednesday that it is participating in a program designed to keep track of people who may wander away from home because of a medical condition.

The Project Lifesaver Program uses tracking devices to monitor those with Alzheimer’s, autism or other conditions who are more likely to wander away from their caregivers.

Those at risk for wandering away are given a waterproof bracelet or wristband with a radio transmitter. Should the person wander off, their caregiver can call 911.

“That would immediately alert us to the fact that they’re not where they’re supposed to be,” said Amanda Jacinto with Peoria police. “We can activate that transmitter in their bracelet and then, with some equipment, locate where that person is.”

Peoria is the only Valley police department participating in the program.

“This program is another tool our officers can now use to help find these folks who may not otherwise make it home safely,” said Peoria Police Chief Roy Minter Jr., in a release.

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